Property Law

Our real estate legal team provide a comprehensive range of commercial real estate services across the Middle East and GCC region. We offer industry expertise across all sectors with our lawyers  fluent in Arabic and English and French. Our clients include, investors, banks, funds and landlords and tenants, land departments and developers across the MENA region.  We advise across all matters related to residential and commercial real estate matters.

Building management

This is a service provided for owners for managing their property. Our team acts as a mediatory party between the  owner and tenant to take care of an owners’ investment and ensure all of the regulatory items are taken care of including schedule of condition reports, rental cheques, maintenance management and ensuring correct notices are given to the tenants.

Property Management

This includes  the administration of commercial, industrial real estate, residential property such as apartments, detached houses, housing units and shopping centers.

The following  tasks are performed by our property management lawyers for and on behalf of  our clients:

  • Detailed documentation of the properties as per the law of the land.
  • Filing of relevant paperwork to initiate and complete an unlawful detainer action.
  • Represent the owner in the court.
  • Coordinating with the relevant authorities to remove a tenant or tenant’s possessions from a property.
  • Managing issues of legal dispute or litigation.
  • Keeping the owners informed on relevant legislation that applies to renting and maintaining properties.
  • Prepare drafts of leasing agreements for tenants in the name of the owners.
  • Ensure all property transactions are executed appropriately.
  • Maintain complete documentation of expenses through invoices and receipts.
  • Handling tenant defaults and eviction issues for the owner.
  • Resolve real estate disputes, deed problems and disagreements over encroachment, trespass, and boundaries.

Property Purchase agreements

This is also referee to as the contract of purchase, agreement of sale or  sales agreement. It is  a legal document that gives details of the conditions when one person or company buys something from another: The terms and conditions of the transaction are stated in the purchase agreement.

Rental Agreements

The tenancy contract or rental agreement is a legally binding contract that allows the tenant to use a property for a particular purpose and specified time period. The agreement details out all the lease terms and the mutually agreed-upon expectations and requirements of both parties. Having a formal rental agreement helps to prevent misunderstandings and future disputes that may occur.  

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