This is action of compelling a party to comply with a judgment where it has not been complied with voluntarily and the time ordered for compliance has expired.

In some instances this means working with the court of one country or jurisdiction to accept a judicial decision made by the courts of another “foreign” country or jurisdiction.

Arbitral Awards

Arbitration is used as a means of dispute resolution in the commercial sphere. In international trade, it is often easier to enforce an arbitration award in a foreign country than it is to enforce a judgment of the court. If a party fails to comply with the award, the successful party can seek to have that award recognized and enforced in domestic courts.

Executive Documents/Orders

Executive orders are not statutory laws, but it has the force of law. Executive orders do not create laws, but give specific instruction on how to operate under existing laws.


Our judgment enforcement and asset protection practice is among the best in the world. We enforce and collect on judgments awarded through arbitration and litigation. We skillfully navigate various domestic and international laws to enforce judgments, including against foreign governments.

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