Family Law

We are committed to providing compassionate and effective legal representation in all aspects of Family law in particular the areas of Divorce, Inheritance and Child custody.

Our experienced lawyers represent our clients in family court proceedings or in related negotiations.  
They also draft important legal documents such as court petitions or property agreements.

The following outlines some specific areas we advise on:  Some are often complex with multi-jurisdictional areas. 

  •  Divorce and related issues:
    International Divorce
    Religious Divorce
    Civil Divorce
    Common Asset Distribution
  • Civil and Religious Marriages:
    Type of marriage (Civil or Religious)
    The jurisdiction to conclude civil marriage
    Assistance in drafting prenuptial agreements
  • Family Crimes
    Child Custody and guardianship
    Visitation Rights
    Child Abduction
  • Death related issues
    Asset Disputes


Divorce can be one of the most emotionally and legally challenging experiences a person may face. Our firm provides comprehensive legal assistance in divorce proceedings, including dissolution of marriage, property division, spousal support, and child custody matters. We strive to help our clients achieve fair and equitable outcomes while minimizing conflict and stress.

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Inheritance refers to property acquired through the laws of descent and distribution. Though sometimes used in reference to property acquired through a will, the legal meaning of inheritance includes only property that descends to an heir through intestacy, when a person has died intestate. Any part of a person’s estate not disposed of by a valid will or trust is overseen by a probate court following each state’s laws of intestate succession.

Child Custody

Fakhry Law Child Custody

When it comes to matters involving children, their well-being is always our top priority. Our attorneys are skilled in negotiating and litigating child custody arrangements that serve the best interests of the child while protecting the rights of the parents. Whether you’re seeking sole custody, joint custody, or modifications to existing arrangements, we are committed to advocating for your parental rights and the welfare of your child.

Child Abduction

Child abduction cases are deeply distressing and require swift and decisive legal action. Our attorneys have experience handling cases involving parental kidnapping, international abduction, and violations of custody orders. We work diligently to pursue the safe return of abducted children and to enforce legal remedies to prevent further harm.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a serious issue that requires swift legal intervention to ensure the safety and well-being of victims and their families. Our firm is dedicated to providing compassionate and zealous advocacy for individuals who have experienced domestic violence. We offer legal guidance and representation in obtaining protective orders, pursuing civil remedies, and navigating the criminal justice system. Our priority is to empower survivors and hold perpetrators accountable for their actions while helping our clients rebuild their lives free from violence.

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