Clerical Services

We provide a full range of legal administration services


Legalization shows that  the document was issued by an official authority. The signature, seal and/or stamp on the document is genuine. and the document’s format is correct. Once a document is authenticated, it must be certified by the foreign jurisdiction to be recognised as valid. This process, called legalization, usually occurs at the country’s embassy or consulate, and can be considered the final step in the authentication process

Administration Work For Companies

Where legal services are required for non domiciled companies we provide full legal support for required documentation and legal attestations as part of a full service offer

Serving Legal Documents

When you sue a person, partnership, corporation, or the government, you must give formal notice to the other side that you have started the legal process.  The legal way to give formal notice is to have the other side “served” with a copy of the paperwork that you have filed with the court. Until the other side has been properly “served,” the judge cannot make any permanent orders or judgments.

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