Our Litigation lawyers are skilled and experienced in preparing and managing cases and handling court-based disputes.

They have a deep understanding of the requirements and procedures of the various courts. Our priority is supporting our client while communicating with the opposing parties and courts throughout the process. Our legal team ​ practise civil and commercial litigation, including disputes over breaches of contract, real estate or family trusts and estates.


Arbitration is a procedure in which a dispute is submitted, by agreement of the parties, to one or more arbitrators who make a binding decision on the dispute. In choosing arbitration, the parties opt for a private dispute resolution procedure instead of going to court.

We provides the highest-quality legal representation for complex international commercial arbitrations, investor arbitrations and international  disputes. We cover all jurisdictions, arbitral institutions and industry sectors in the GCC and across the globe.

Banking Disputes

We have extensive experience of acting on a range of financial disputes for investment banks, other financial institutions and private individuals. Our litigation lawyers provide strategic advice and commercial advice to clients which is aligned with the requirements of the relevant business area including the consideration of any regulatory, reputational and financial risks.

Bankruptcy & Solvency

We offer counsel in all areas of individual and business bankruptcy litigation.

Fields of expertise include:

  • contested auctions and sale hearings, 
  • defense of contractual and fraud-related claims
  • Adversary actions from fraudulent conveyances or foreclosure proceedings
  • breach of fiduciary duty claims, and turnover actions
  • issues that arise from transactions and bankruptcy proceedings

Civil Litigation

Our Civil litigation lawyers handle civil cases like personal injury, probate, family law, and more. Litigation involves claims brought against another party to compel that party to perform or not perform a legal duty. Our team are very experienced and will help you every step of the way.

Commercial Litigation

We represent clients in all stages of domestic and international litigation, in established and emerging markets. We provide our clients with strong support, no matter where they are. Our lawyers are skilled in antitrust, international arbitration, intellectual property and environmental law. We use our extensive  litigation experience to help you make informed decisions focused on securing a cost-effective and favorable resolution.

Criminal Litigation

Crimes today are not only restricted to physical harm but it covers monetary, moral and physical damage to any human being or an organization.

Our criminal lawyers are trained to handle cases from police investigation to prosecution referral. We support our clients throughout all the stages of case litigation 

Debt Collection

Our clients benefit from the vast experience of our lawyers who are experienced in all aspects of debt collection. They are dedicated to providing the best legal advice to clients with international debt collection disputes and overseas clients in general. If you have a case that requires assistance, send us a message with the link below.

Employment Disputes

We provide comprehensive and knowledgeable advice to clients at any stage of the employment relationship.Our clients include both individuals as well as local and international companies. 

Insurance Disputes

We have strong track record in generating positive outcomes for our clients. We handle a broad range of insurance related disputes arising from  insurance products  across multiple sectors such as liability insurance, professional indemnity insurance,  engineering insurance  oil and gas insurance, and marine and aviation insurance.

Intellectual Property Disputes

Intellectual Property assets are amongst the most valuable assets of a business Our lawyers are experts in the field of IP and have a track record of acting in and winning the most complex IP disputes and delivering  value for our clients. Many of the disputes that we work on have multi-jurisdictional aspects to them.


We offer a broad spectrum of  knowledge and experience in a variety of mediation cases, including everything from real estate disputes to  partnership dissolution mediation. Over time we have proven ourselves to be proficient mediators in both the commercial and corporate sectors. Our team is committed to helping  you find resolutions that are fair and satisfactory for all parties involved

Money Laundering

Money laundering is when money made through crime is put through the financial system and made to appear to be clean money from a legitimate source.Our lawyers have many years of experience of advising businesses on money laundering issues and of defending individuals who face allegations of money laundering in the Courts.
If you or your business is under investigation for money laundering, or you’re suspicious of a client’s activity,contact us to find out how we can help

Real Estate Disputes

Our real estate litigation team advises across the full range of property and landlord / tenant disputes, which includes asset management, contentious lease & rent renewals,  service charge disputes, forfeiture of tenancies, possession claims, and boundary disputes amongst others. 

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