Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Fakhry Law Firm provides legal services for several types of IP: trademark and copyright, Design, and patents laws. We practice IP registration as well as IP legislation internationally.
1. Patent Filing and Prosecution
2. Trademark, Design & Copyright
3. Intellectual Property Litigation
4. IP Searches We assists clients in identifying and resolving potential infringement claims before going to market.
5. Trademark Watch Service: This program is part of our Intellectual Property department, operates in conjunction with daily international reports on potential Trademark (TM) Infringements in the MENA region, covering local and multinational brands. Upon detecting a potential infringement against a TM we elaborate a detailed report containing the data of the potential infringer, and our team contacts the targeted TM owners to inform them of the presence of such infringements against their trademarks. As a next step, our Law Firm implements a Legal Strategy.


Copyright protection for your product brand or idea prevents others from easily exploiting your work without paying any royalties or remuneration. Copyright not only provides protection for you original work but also to the reproduction by various means of all or parts of that work or works. 

Design Registration

Protecting valuable designs should be a crucial part of your business strategy if you are a designer or manufacturer. By protecting an industrial design through its registration, as the owner, you obtain the exclusive right to prevent its unauthorised copying or imitation by others.  This makes commercial sense as it improves the competitiveness of a business and often brings in additional revenue.

Trademark Registration

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Patent Registration

A patent confers exclusive legal rights and  allows the owner the best opportunity to profit from the invention by preventing others from copying it. An inventor does not need a patent in order to exploit an invention; but without a patent the inventor would not be able to prevent others from copying the invention.

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