Taxes and Finance Law

Fakhry Law Firm deals with policies, regulations, or other forms of rules governing financial transactions in which one party raises money through borrowing, stock sales, bonds, or other means of investment.

In most jurisdictions specific legislation exists prescribing the obligations of providers of financial services subject to obtaining a license.

The Lawyers at Fakhry Law Firm can assist you  in matters of:

  • Tax optimization
  • Transfer-pricing arrangements
  • Draft and review of bank and financing contracts, leasing and so on.
  • Tax rulings
  • Tax due diligence
  • Finance due diligence
  • Comparative overview of finance and tax systems in the countries targeted by the investor
  • Assessment of financial products and capital markets in domestic and cross border markets
  • Facilitation at applications for subsidies, funds, guarantees, investments
  • Support of tender applications and procurement with international organizations (EU, AfDB, UN, IBRD, EIB, Worldbank)
  • Advice on state-aid programs
  • Advice on accountancy regulations
  • Liaising with international organizations and international donors
  • Mediator and facilitator in financial matters
  • Prevention of fraud and corruption
  • Preparation and supervision of business plans
  • Dispute resolution, mediation, arbitration, litigation
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